Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Fallen 1: The Fallen & Leviathan | Thomas E. Sniegoski

The book is the first two stories in The Fallen series. They are about a boy called Aaron who lives with a foster family which he loves and cares for. On his eighteenth birthday, just when he thinks his life might be going somewhere, things seem strange; he finds he can do things he couldn’t do before, like understanding anything anyone says in any language - even his dog. Reluctantly, he discovers he is a nephilim (the child of an angel and a human woman). And not just any nephilim, the chosen one that, according to prophecy, will redeem the fallen angels and become a gateway between them and heaven.

Aaron wants nothing to do with any of this. He just wants to forget everything and carry on with his life as it was before but Verchiel, the leader of a group of angels called the Powers, won’t let him. He believes he is doing God’s work by cleansing the Earth of the unholy nephilim but he also fears the prophecy. He doesn’t think it is right that the fallen should be redeemed and will do anything to stop that from happening. Aaron is forced to accept what he is when Verchiel’s obsession endangers everything near and dear to him.

A very good action filled book. An interesting alternative to vampires. I suggest that you don’t put it down and leave it for a while before carrying on like I did because, when I did that, I got a little confused. Overall, pretty good and I would like to read the next one in the series.
By Zobdy
Age 14

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