Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Young & Un:Bound - Reviewrs wanted

This is a call for anyone under 16 who would like to review for Y&U?

The guidelines are simple any book suitable for children, teen and YA suitable for younger readers. Bad language is not permitted on Y&U for obvious reasons. That's about it. No particular time commitment is required, if you send me your email address, age and handle I will invite you to blog on the site, if you prefer not to be an accessable presence online then like MJ and Zobdy you can email me the reviews and I shall add cover images and pop them up with credit to your handle.

I have no issue with my team requesting books on the basis of their work for Y&U but would ask that you be respectful of our relationship with publishers, if you request a book, please review it, if they send it unsolicited then great if you can, if you don't fancy it perhaps offer it up as a giveaway or pass it to another member of the team.

I hope I will hear from one or two of you out there to really invigourate this new

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