Friday, 12 March 2010

13 Curses - Michelle Harrison

Hi folks, another new reviewer here on Young & Un:Bound, please welcome cookie monster - Hagelrat

The thirteen curses is about a teenage girl named Rowan who runs away only to discover that her brother (James aged 2) has somehow run away too .They end up in a care home and Rowan realises that she must protect her brother from the fairies who are trying to capture James. She goes out of her way to protect him by finding every item of red clothing she can. This is because Rowan knows that red is invisible to fairies. But one night she wakes up only to find her brother gone…

Rowan suddenly gets captured by the Hedge Witch and makes friends with a young man called Stitch. They bond well and decide to escape. Tension builds as they escape and steal a glamour disguise that is a fox coat. The fairies set Rowan a challenge of retrieving all of the thirteen treasures and only then will she get her brother back. She meets a boy and a girl who decide to help her. They have found eleven of the treasures when Rowan has a feeling that the twelfth is at her Aunt’s house. She travels there only to discover that her Aunt has been keeping a dark family secret for all of these years.

I felt this book was well thought out and had a fantastic story line. The characters are very strong willed and show that you don’t have to give up easily. Whilst I was reading the book in class I started to cry because it was really sad at the end. However my friends are all desperate to read it now! I’d highly recommend the Thirteen Curses to boys and girls aged 10 upwards who enjoy adventures. I will definitely now read more Michelle Harrison books!

cookie monster

Age 10


Helen Ginger said...

Loved this review. Not only was it an enticing review, it was done by someone who would know!

Straight From Hel

Hagelrat said...

Hi Helen, I love seeing what the gang think of the books. :)