Friday, 2 October 2009

Warriors of Ethandun - NM Brown

Warriors of Ethandun

By N.M. Brown

This is a historical adventure fiction story. It’s set in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times. 21st century children travel back in time and find themselves in a seriously scary adventure!

This story involves magic, war and a bloodthirsty bear. I really enjoyed it but I thought it was too scary sometimes. The adventure was exciting.

The two 21st century children were my favourite characters. The author described them really well.

I think this book was a bit too old for me because there was so much fighting and the scary bear (don’t cuddle your teddy bear while you’re reading it!) But it was a good book and children aged 13+ will enjoy it.

By M.J.

aged 10

(Hagelrat here. On reflection it possibly was a little old for MJ but I also read some of the book and whilst clearly judgement impaired when it comes to judging age suitability I also thought it was an entertaining fantasy adventure. A sort of updated Narnia. It's part of a series.)


Pizza said...

Oooh, I love the cover and it sounds good.

Helen Ginger said...

Hi MJ. You had me laughing when you said don't cuddle your teddy bear while you're reading this book. It does sound a bit scary. Do you think you'll go on to read the next in the series? Or wait a few years?

Straight From Hel

Hagelrat said...

Hell, I get the impression MJ will give it a year, but i suspect he will seek out the rest of them then. The youngest members of Un:Bound don't have direct access for personal security reasons, so please forgive my answering for them. They do read the comments and appreciate the feedback. :)