Monday, 20 July 2009

Skulduggery Pleasant - Derek Landy

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

This book stars Skulduggery Pleasant and his side kick Stephanie. This is a detective book with a difference. He is dead.

With his sunglasses gone there is no doubt that he's a skeleton with a skull for a head. You have a skull for a head and you fight evil, they can just take off your head and throw it away; no they go and try to turn you to dust instead of that.

My favourite character is Skulduggery because he's funny and he's got a skull for a head that he won in a poker match. My favourite part is when he's in a room and he just keeps missing being turned into dust, because Serpine is trying to turn him into dust with the sceptre of the ancients but he just keeps missing and turning the walls to dust instead, and eventually Skulduggery turns Serpine into dust.

I like this book because it is funny, exciting and it has magic fireballs in it.

by MJ
aged 9

Skulduggery Pleasant - Playing With Fire by Derek Landy

Derek Landy is an excellent writer, with good thoughts and imagination. This is another book about the amazing Skulduggery Pleasant, and how escapes the trouble he gets himself into.

Valkyrie Cane (Stephanie) learns magic and together she and Skulduggery defeat the evil vampire, Dusk, and the Grotesquery. The Grotesquery is a huge monster made up of different magical creatures. It can even teleport a short distance.

My favourite part was when the cleavers kept attacking the Grotesquery in the same place to try to kill it because it had really hard skin. Eventually the Grotesquery killed the cleavers. So Valkyrie Cain picked up Tanith Low's sword and killed the Grotesquery. This is my favourite part because I like big battles in books, and this battle was really hard to win.

I liked this book because it was funny, exciting and adventurous.

by MJ
aged 9

Skulduggery Pleasant - The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy

This is the third book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series. I really like the bit at the bottom of the page, it says "Do panic. They're coming." This is an adventure book about a detective with a borrowed head.

This book is about a man called Batu, who really is a non-magical person called Paddy. He was trying to bring back a group of gods who take over and destroy the world. But he needed an Isthmus Anchor and a teleporter, but he has murdered all the teleporters except for two, and then he kills another teleporter so there is only one teleporter left, an he is only a child. If I tell you any more I will end up telling you the whole story.

My favourite part was when Solomon Wreath, a necromancer, tells Valkyrie Cain that they need to find Skulduggery's original head to open up the gateway. They want to open the gateway again to get Skulduggery out, and they can't use the Grotesquery to open it like last time because Skulduggery threw the Grotesquery into the other realm before he went in. It is my favourite part because it is going to be really hard because they don't know who took it except that it was elves.

I really enjoyed the book because it was funny and kept me in suspense.

by MJ
aged 9


Erotic Horizon said...

My son absolutely love this book... and the series.

Good review...


Adele said...

E.H> I must admit, MJ has tempted me, I may have to borrow them.