Friday, 7 August 2009

Mister Monday by Garth Nix

One of Garth Nix's most well known series, The Keys to the Kingdom. I am on two sides with this book. As much as I think it is a great book, it is very different I suppose you could say.

It is about a boy named Arthur Penhaligon who goes to a new school and is very asthamtic. During a school run, he has a terrible asthama attack, two other class members go to fetch a teacher, in the mean time two very strange characters show up expecting him to die. He is given a key, presumably one character; Mister Monday is supposed to take the key back when he dies, but Arthur lives. The key is now his and he unlocks a whole new world behind it all. An inventive idea in my opinion.

Many more strange people come to collect the key and they don't care how many people die doing it. A disease comes up from these people and soon enough most of the town has the disease known as "The Sleepy Plague", they can't wake up. The town is put in quarantine and Arthur is the only hope of finding a cure.

It's an interesting book and it is an easy read but I'd say it's suitable for children from age 11 up to adults even.
Rating: 3.5 Stars
I look forward to reading the rest of this series in the future.

By Pizza,
Age 14


Adele said...

I quite enjoyed it but like his more adult books better.

Unknown said...

very cool blog. i'm following you now. you should pop in/follow mine. i have all things books...
nice seeing you.

Peter said...

Hagelrat, I loved the Abhorsen trilogy, way better than this one, but this ones still good.

Helen Ginger said...

So many good books to read! I like that you also gave the recommended reading age. Thanks.

Straight From Hel

Adele said...

i've read the abhorsen series and i've read the beginning of Mr Monday. I agree that the Abhorsen series is definately better. It rocks!