Sunday, 28 March 2010

Review Captivate - Carrie Jones

This is an absolutely brilliant sequel to "Need" By Carrie Jones. In this book, Zara, Nick, Issie, Devyn and Betty discover that an outbreak of pixies have come from Valhalla to help release the pixies that Zara once trapped in a pixie house. Zara wants to know who they are and where they come from, and, on her journey she finds a young, Handsome pixie called Astley. His name means 'Star'. Astley keeps showing up where Zara needs him...and when she doesn't. Take the girls toilets for example! One day, when Zara realises that Her biological father is about to die, she goes to the pixie house to save him.

Spoiler Zone..........highlight to view
Nick gets attacked by a pixie there and is on the verge of dying when an evil pixie takes him away. They are just about to kill Zara when, surprise surprise, along comes Astley and swoops her into his arms. Astley explains that he is a pixie king who has learned to control his need. He says that he needs a queen and he feels that Zara is the one! But of course, she would need to turn pixie.
Zara has to choose between turning pixie, Being astleys queen and being strong enough to get Nick back,
or let him live his own life in Valhalla......without her.
Either way has its consequences and it is a tough decision for Zara to make.
End of Spoiler Zone.....

This is a fantastic book, only one thing annoyed me.
The ending.
It made me so angry that i could have hit myself! I don't think that there is another book in this series and the way they ended this book implied that there was. Spoiler It leaves Nick in Valhalla half dead, with Zara vowing to come for him, even if she has to kill thousands and it doesn't say a word about what they do or how they get there!End of spoiler I don't think I've ever been so mad at a book before! Other than that though this is an awesome book and I'd recommend it to anyone.......but warn them about the ending!

(it's ok, this is listed as the second of the series so eventually it will all be resolved - Hagelrat)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of endings, my book ended with the good guy in deep over his head. After much feedback from readers and agents, I'm adding a few chapters of his rescue, but leaving enoupgh suspense to bring the reader back for the next book.

Stephen Tremp

Adele said...

Giving in to pressure Stephen? Tsk ;p

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