Friday, 28 May 2010

Darklife - Kat Falls

Darklife by Kat falls is set in the future. The whole world has grown unbearably hot and most of the land is now underwater. Ty was born underwater and knows it as home. He meets a girl, Gemma, at the beginning of the book and she explains that she is searching for her brother. Gemma lives in a care home and wants to get out. She hangs out with Ty and his family under the sea and slowly they become best frineds. While searching for Gemma's brother, they come across a nasty gang called Sea blite and their leader, Shade. Gemma's brother is nowhere to be found and Sea blite are growing more and more dangerous. Lots of mysteries are waiting to be answered and Gemma is under threat of being taken home to the 'Top side'.

Overall this was a very good, interesting book. aimed probably 11+ years, Girls or boys. Definatly a 10 out of 10!


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