Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wintercraft - Jenna Burtenshaw

Wintercraft is set in a country called Albion in a made up world. Kate Winters has a rare power, she is one of the Skilled. She can look into the veil and manipulate life and death. But Kate doesn’t want to have any part in it because the Skilled are hunted. She just wants to be left alone. When she is captured by the infamous Silas, who is known for killing people without a second thought, she tries to get away to find her friend, Edgar, and her uncle, Artemis. But then she learns the truth about Silas and the job he wants her to do. They make a deal which leads to chaos and death.
I found it hard to get into the book. Every time I picked it up, I struggled through the first few pages but, after a few minutes, I was hooked again. So, once I got started I couldn’t put it down. The story is fast paced and full of action. For the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was interested in this new world and fascinated by the Skilled. But, although I think it is an excellent book well worth reading, unfortunately, I don’t agree with the comment on the inside cover that says “Wintercraft is set to be the most exciting teen title of 2010”. Despite that, an amazing read.
By Zobdy
Age 13

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