Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hush Hush | Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Grey is an ordinary girl (aside form being anemic) who goes to school, does her work, and hangs around with her best friend, Vee. Until Patch turns up. Handsome, mysterious and slightly roguish, he is everything Nora doesn't want. Nora feels uneasy around him because of the fact that he knows everything about her and seems to be finding out more by the second, because whenever she is with him something bad happens, and because of the strange sensation she can't work out whenever she is near him.

Assigned to be biology partners with him, Nora can't help but get to know Patch and slowly starts to fall for him. But with crimes striking all over the place and with Nora caught up in it all, the only feeling Nora can have for patch is suspicion.

As life gets more dangerous and questions waiting around every corner, Nora puts her trust in Patch, only to find out that that could have been a bad Idea.

I loved this book and I can't wait to read 'Crecendo' the sequel.

I think this is a young adult book, probably for girls because the book is written from a girls point of view and I don't think that it would appeal to boys like that.


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